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PMI-MN Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Which topics are being covered in upcoming events?
  2. Does PMI-MN offer PMP®/ CAPM® Certification Prep Courses?
  3. Does PMI-MN offer general project management classes?
  4. Do PMI-MN events offer PDUs to maintain my PMP® Certification or contact hours to apply for the PMP® Exam?
  5. How much does the PMP® Certification Exam cost?
  6. Is there a charge for taking the PMP® Exam if I take the PMP®/ CAPM® Certification Prep Course?
  7. Do I need a laptop for PMI-MN classes? Can I bring one?
  8. Does PMI-MN offer prep courses for the PGMP certification? What does this certification cost?
  9. How do I sign-up for the PMP® Exam? I am taking classes at a local college for project management certification, and want to take the PMP® Exam when I complete the required classes.
  10. Is there help for completing the PMP® Certification Exam application? I looked at the online application and could use some help filling it out.
  11. Does PMI-MN endorse specific courses or class providers? Are there PMI-registered providers?
  12. How do I renew my PMP® Credential? My PMP® Credential is out-of-date/lapsed.
  13. Are there assistance opportunities for individuals in job transition or unemployed?
  14. Can a training or resource vendor demonstrate or promote its products at a PMI-MN event?
  15. How can I receive the member discount for the PMP®/ CAPM® Certification Prep Course if I am a new member?
  16. Are the PMI-MN PMP Certification Exam Preparation materials available to individuals who can not attend the in-person course?


  1. Does PMI-MN offer job postings at the Chapter level for project management professionals?
  2. Can recruiters and employers post project management positions on the PMI-MN website? My company is looking for a good project manager.
  3. What does it cost recruiters or employers to post job openings on the PMI-MN website?


  1. What is the total annual cost to be a PMI-MN member?
  2. I am currently a member of PMI Global but did not join the Minnesota Chapter – Can I join PMI-MN mid-year and receive chapter member discounts at events?
  3. How can I change my membership information or transfer to another chapter?
  4. How do I contact PMI Global?
  5. Can you mail the paper PMI membership application form to me? I prefer to use the paper form to sign up for PMI and PMI-MN membership.
  6. Can you check your records to find out if I am a PMI-MN member?
  7. Is there a discount PMI-MN membership for students?
  8. Is there financial assistance for membership dues?
  9. Are discounts available to students for PMI-MN events?
  10. Why is there a delay between the time I sign up at PMI Global and the time PMI MN recognizes me as a member?


  1. If I register for all four days of PDD, how many PDUs can I earn (i.e. I plan to enroll for a one-day course, a two-day course, and the Symposium)?
  2. Can I earn PDUs for attending Chapter Breakfast or Dinner meetings? How about other events?
  3. Is attendance at PMI Chapter meetings recorded and automatically sent to PMI Global for PDU credit? I ask because I don't see some meetings that I have attended.
  4. Does PMI-MN hold events for members and non-members at discounted prices? I am in job transition and want to maintain my PMP certification and/or professional training but am on a limited budget.


  1. Can I get a refund before an event?
  2. Are discounts available to students for PMI-MN events?
  3. Can non-members attend PMI-MN meetings? How do I register or do I just attend? I am not a PMI member and would like to attend an upcoming Chapter Dinner or Breakfast meeting as a visitor.
  4. How do I find out about upcoming events? I would like to attend an upcoming dinner or breakfast meeting but did not see complete details about it (like location, topic, or time) on the PMI-MN website.
  5. Are presentations from past meetings available from PMI-MN?


  1. How can I get my password to log into the Member Login area? I contacted you about this problem and can still not log in. What should I do?
  2. Why doesn't my PMI username and password from PMI Global’s website ( work on the PMI-MN Member Login area? Aren't they the same?
  3. What is my primary email address for PMI-MN?
  4. Why didn't the website send my password to me? I used the "Request new password" button, entered my email address successfully, and did not receive my password within two hours.
  5. Why do I keep getting "Records Not Found" when trying to look up my PMI-MN password using my email address? I tried using the "Request new password" button it doesn't work.
  6. How does a new PMI-MN member get a password to the Member Login area?


  1. Are current and past PMI-MN Chapter newsletters available online?
  2. I no longer seem to be receiving notifications from the Chapter? How can I get back on your mailing list?


  1. Does PMI-MN have an online document archive or repository?
  2. Does PMI or PMI-MN recommend or suggest specific project management software? I work in the technology department at my company. We are forming a PMO and looking for suitable Project Management software.
  3. Who can I contact about an idea for a Career Networking Group topic?
  4. Can I attend the resume session if I am not a project manager? I was a Project Manager for most of my career, but am interested in being a business analyst.