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PMI-MN Scholarship

PMI-MN Scholarship

One $5,000 scholarship award will be given each year to an individual as chosen by the PMI MN Outreach Committee. The information below outlines basic eligibility requirements, scholarship submission requirements, and evaluation criteria.


Basic Eligibility

Candidates for the scholarship must meet the following basic requirements:

1. The candidate must be 18 years of age or older.

2. The candidate must have applied for and been accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited degree, certificate program, or continuing education program in the project management field.

3. The candidate must be either a member in good standing of PMI MN or be sponsored by a member in good standing.

4. If the candidate is not a member of PMI MN, the person must be a resident of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota.

5. The candidate must not have been the previous recipient of any PMI MN scholarships.

6. The candidate must show a demonstrated enthusiasm for and strong interest in the field of project management.


Scholarship Submission Requirements

1. Scholarship application (provided below)

2. Copy of school transcript (if classes taken within the last 5 years) or CV

3. PMI-MN member sponsor letter (if applicant is not a current PMI MN member)

4. Letters of recommendation (maximum of 3)

5. Other supporting documentation showing candidates ability to match scholarship requirements


* All materials must be sent electronically to by the application due date. For example:


Application Due Date                                        Scholarship Award Date

November 30, 2024                                            Estimated January 31, 2025


Evaluation Criteria

The following provide general guidelines regarding the desired characteristics, ambitions, and interests of the PMI MN scholarship recipient.

· Preference given to those attending a degree in the field of project management

· Preference given to those with the best combination of academic, co-curricular, and volunteer experience demonstrating potential for long-term success

· Candidates who are actively engaged and attending PMI MN will be viewed favorably.

· Seeking to improve understanding of project management principles, procedures, and practices by enrolling in a PMI educational program

· Demonstrated commitment to serving the community through volunteering

· Goal to support the advancement of the project management profession


PMI MN Scholarship Application 2024.docx