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PMI Minnesota Sponsorship


Here’s your opportunity to deepen your engagement within our chapter and the local Professional Project Management community and meet qualified clients.

PMI Minnesota Chapter is excited to offer Sponsorship packages for Communications, Educational Events, Professional Fairs, Professional Development Days (PDD) and other events.

Opportunities include:

º PMI -MN EDUCATIONAL EVENTS - Breakfast or Dinner Meetings and Educational Programs such as PMP Preparation Classes and Webinars with attendance traditionally of 50 to 150 people.

º QUARTERLY NEW MEMBER EVENT - In correlation with the Educational Events, Quarterly New Member Event offer participants an opportunity to meet individuals in their PM interest areas, and to share unique experiences and problems with them.

º MEMBERSHIP COMMUNICATION - Strengthen your on-line presence through Email Blasts and website communication with our members and visitors. Distribution to over 6,000 project managers and on our website.

º APPRECIATION EVENTS - The Presidents Picnic and Volunteer Gala express appreciation for the hard work of our partners and volunteers all year long, as well as a great informal net working opportunity.

º PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAYS (PDD) - Our multi-day educational event in September, with over 1,100 attendees over 4 days, over 700 on the Thursday of the event. This is the premier gathering of project management professionals in the Upper Midwest Region and is recognized across the World as a model for other chapters.

º PROFESSIONAL FAIRS - Includes the Career Fair and Volunteer Fair. The Career Fair is a single evening event that focuses on both employers & employees, it takes place in the spring of every year. The volunteer fair brings volunteers to PMI Minnesota  activities and a precursor to one of the largest dinner meetings.
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º       Partnering with an award winning Chapter, one of the  largest in the US & in the world!
º       Gaining direct exposure to over 6,000 Project Managers.
º       Increasing your visibility as a leader and supporter of PMI Global, both internally within your organization and to the business community.
º       Highlighting your company’s alignment with Project Management by sponsoring an organization dedicated to supporting the Project Management Profession.
º       Attracting and retaining trained Project Managers, elevating your profile as a leader and employer within the Project Management community, connecting with potential new clients.
º       Ensuring that your existing and potential employees will continue to have access to high quality events and programs in the practice of project management by PMI Minnesota.
º       Market your education program, curriculum and classes.
º       Partner Benefit Program and its many benefits offered by our chapter.


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Questions? Contact us through Chapter Sponsorship Chair.

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