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Outreach Communities

Project management is about the process of making ideas tangible!  The Minnesota Chapter of PMI (Project Management Institute) is made up of talented, experienced project management professionals, and students of project management, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and insights.

Whether you work within a corporation, are a student pursuing a career, an educator interested in classroom materials or curricula, or part of an organization that could benefit from project management, the Minnesota Chapter of PMI can help. Our members are located and collaborate across a large region. We are where you are!

The Minnesota chapter has been investing in services we can provide to everyone interested in project management, throughout our region. Our Outreach program provides many ways to participate with live networking, presentations and certification training events near you. We have bases of operation in central and eastern ND; northwest, central, northeast, and southwest MN; and northwest WI.

Stay engaged from anywhere in our region with:

• Webinars, web streaming and interactive web events on a variety of project management topics

• Live networking and certification training events at various locations

• Partnerships with leading business, education, and government leaders in your area

Can’t find an Outreach event within reasonable driving distance? Feel the need to network with project management folks? Want to build a community in your area?

As your PMI chapter, we know that web interaction is not enough. Communication is perhaps the most important part of project management. We communicate using various means and media. And person to person communication and activity is a huge component as well.

If you are interested in forming a community in your local area, contact us (

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • You, the leader (program manager) for the Outreach community must be a member in good standing of both PMI and the Minnesota Chapter.
  • You will be a chapter volunteer, and we’ll need a signed Volunteer Agreement. We know that commitment is difficult, so please ask yourself if you think you can commit to leading your community for at least one year.
  • A general guideline is that your community will need to have at least 25 members in your defined area (usually within a 50 mile radius of your meetings). For instance, we have Outreach communities in St Cloud, Duluth / Superior, Moorhead / Fargo, and Mankato.
  • You will need to develop a team of local volunteers, meet with them and devise a plan to meet. We can provide a checklist of things you will need to consider. Initially your team may be quite small. However, we do recommend you find at least one other person to help.
  • You will need to arrange a place to meet, with a capacity for about 25 folks. Typically a school, college or business will supply a room at no, or nominal cost.
  • Plan out a preliminary schedule. We ask that each community plan on holding at least 4 events over the course of a year (12 months), so it’s a good idea to schedule both a first and second event.
  • You will need to consider how to get the message out to folks in your area. While we will help – you know your area best!
  • If you have a speaker in mind, that’s great! We encourage each community to develop local speakers. We also share speakers and topics!