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PDU Information - PMI MN Events

When you attend a PMI MN Chapter meeting, you will earn PDU credits toward maintaining your certification. Generally, events that you register for and pay a fee – events for which we track attendance are included in our automated PDU reporting process. Events that qualify for automated reporting are listed below. For more information contact PMI MN by emailing

PMI MN Events reported by PMI MN on behalf of its members

  • Monthly Chapter dinner meetings (in person or LIVE Webstreaming*)
  • Monthly Chapter breakfast meetings (in person or LIVE Webstreaming*)
  • Chapter Seminars
  • Professional Development Days (PDD) Education Classes

PMI MN Events that you must self-report

  • Practitioner Community Meetings
  • Outreach Meetings
    • Bismarck, ND
    • Duluth, MN/Superior, WI
    • Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN
    • Mankato, MN
    • St. Cloud, MN
  • Webinars
  • Professional Development Days (PDD) Symposium

PDU self-reporting process  (the link below will not work without you being logged into www.PMI.ORG first)

  • Login in at
  • Click on Report PDUs from the menu on the right
  • Choose “Organization Meetings” for any live events, or “Online or Digital Media” if you watched a recorded webinar
  • For an “Organization Meetings” event, fill in the following information (the information needed for an “Online or Digital Media” event is similar):
    1. Organization/host is “PMI-MN”
    2. Enter the title of the meeting (see the meeting page on
    3. Fill in the meeting number with the Event ID from the event page.  This is in the form C018YYMMDDX
    4. You do not need to enter the event description
    5. Enter the date of the event in both the Date Started and Date Completed fields
    6. Although not necessary, we recommend that you put a link to the event description into the URL box.
    7. Enter the number of PDUs from the event page into the PDUs Claimed area.  Most of our events will say which category the PDU should be applied towards. 
    8. Check the box to indicate that you agree that tine claim is accurate
    9. Submit your PDU claim

Handling Errors

Occasionally, errors result from mismatched data between registration information provided and Global PMI records. We attempt to clear all errors, and to notify you of any issue. We also let you know if it is necessary for you to contact Global PMI directly to resolve the error.

How can you help prevent PDU reporting issues?

PDU reporting errors usually result from two specific discrepancies in data.

  1. Member Name Reported. There is a difference between the name used to register for an event and the member’s “official” name on file at PMI Global. During registration you will be asked to confirm that your registration name is the same as your official member name on the PMI Global site. (Using your official name helps prevent reporting errors). If you prefer not to use your official member name when registering for an event, there is a place in the process for members to indicate an alternate name for their name badge.
  2. Membership vs. Credential Number. Use your membership number. There is a difference between your membership number and your credential (certification) number. These are not the same -- and your credential number may be the same as someone else’s member number! You can find both your PMI ID and your Credential number on the dashboard page when you log in at  
    During registration, enter your member number. If there is a “number” mismatch when we report the PDUs, it will err out and we will be unable to complete the process for you. If this happens, you should receive an email with information to self-report the event’s PDU(s).

Member Support

It can take up to seven (7) business days to complete the reporting process.  If it has been more than seven (7) business days and it appears you are still missing PDUs that PMI MN reports on your behalf, send an email to and provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Your member ID
  3. Name and date of event, and
  4. The number of PDUs you are expecting

You will receive an acknowledgement of your inquiry within two (2) business days, and a response within five (5) business days.

Process and Service Level Agreement

The overall waiting period is five to seven business days from the event date. Below is the process and actual service levels observed by us when reporting PDUs on the member’s behalf.

  1. Member registers for event
  2. PMI MN collects member attendance at event
  3. PMI MN cross checks attendance against registrations received – within three (3) business days following event
  4. PMI MN removes individuals registered but not checked in at event* – within four (4) business days following event
  5. PMI MN uploads confirmed attendee information to PMI Global Site – within five (5) business days following the event
  6. PMI MN resolves errors and/or sends email to member – within six (6) business days following the event
    • Members receive email from PMI Global confirming PDU(s) reported – within 24 hours of submission
    • Members receive email from PMI Global confirming PDU(s) approved – within 48 hours of submission

*Note: Policy prohibits PMI MN from reporting PDUs when confirmation of member attendance at the event is not available.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments, let us know by sending an email to