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Operations Committee
Name Position Contact
Isiuwa Tanimojo, PMP® PMI MN President-elect / COO Contact
(Open) Chair - Finance Contact
Irvin Beek, PMP® Vice-Chair - Finance Contact
Thomas Sulzer, PMP® Chair - IT Contact
Vera Anderson, PMP® Vice-Chair - IT Contact 
Bradley John Prins Program Manager - IT Contact 
Manish Kalra, PMP® Chair - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  
Nancy Mwaura, PMP® Program Manager - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  
Rachel Mussell, DASM® Chair - Programs Contact
(Open) Vice-Chair - Programs Contact
Stephanie Skarolid Program Manager - Programs Contact
Mihir Sathe, PMP® Chair - Membership Contact
Cosley Ichekwai, PMP® Vice-Chair - Membership Contact
(Open) Program Manager - Membership Contact
Glory Ikeata, PMP® Chair - Sponsorship Contact
Shreyasee Kambale, PMP® Vice-Chair - Sponsorship  Contact
(Open) Program Manager - Sponsorship Contact
Guhan Vaidyanathan, PMP® Chair - Professional Development Contact
Anaya Twum Vice-Chair - Professional Development Contact
(Open) Program Manager - Professional Development Contact
Matthew Olsen, PMP® Chair - Community Outreach Contact
Leah Baack-Lohman, PMP® Vice-Chair - Community Outreach Contact
Austin Timm, PMP® Program Manager - Community Outreach Contact
(Open) Chair - Marketing & Communication Contact
(Open) Vice-Chair - Marketing & Communication Contact
(Open) Program Manager - Marketing & Communication Contact
Maggie Pittelko, PMP® Chair - Volunteer Services Contact
Cindy Ward, PMP® Vice-Chair - Volunteer Services Contact
Anna Anderson, PMP® Program Manager - Volunteer Services Contact
Michael Schafer, PMP® Chair - PDD Contact
Brandy Roberts, PMP® Vice-Chair - PDD Contact
Pauline Claon, PMP® Program Manager - PDD Contact