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2024 Board of Directors Announcement

It’s time for a change in leadership! As specified in our Bylaws, come September we’ll be voting for a new President-Elect and 3 Directors. The Nominations Committee has received  PMI MN's Board approval for slate of candidates who are eligible to run for the office. We rely on members like you to elect who would be on PMI MN Board of Directors. Consider this our “Call For Board Elections” for 2024. 

Elections will start on September 8th at 8:00 am and will close on September 22nd at 11:59 pm. The results will be announced in October, and published in November. The Chapter has three open board positions in addition to President-Elect. We urge all of our members to check out our nominees and vote! They are all very talented and qualified people who we are rooting for! We hope this year will be full of success and satisfaction for our new Board!


The three PMI-MN Board of Director Positions, in addition to the President-Elect position to be elected this year and begin serving in 2024 are: 

Director at Large
Director at Large 

Director Finance

The Board Position Descriptions are listed in the Bylaws