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2024 Board of Directors Elections

PMI Minnesota Chapter members are invited to vote in the 2023 Board of Directors election from 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 7, 2022 through 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21, 2022. We welcome your participation. Every vote counts!

Electronic voting:
Access to the electronic ballot will be available via an email link.

Candidate bios:
Candidate nominees are listed below. You may select your favorite candidates by marking your choices carefully from the email link received.

Election results:
Results will be broadcast in the October newsletter. Please contact the Nominating Committee with any questions.

2023 Board of Directors serving existing terms: 

2023 President

 Geraldine Marks, MBA, PMP®, CSM® CSPO®    

(2nd of 3-year term)

2023 Director of Finance  Manish Kalra,  PMP® (2nd of 2-year term)
2023 Director at Large  Isiuwa Tanimojo, MBA, MSPM, CAPM (2nd of 2-year term)

2023 Director of Governance 

 Matt Mehring



2024 Board of Directors Nominees:


            • Isiuwa Tanimojo, MBA, MSPM, CAPM         

Director at Large: 

• Kathleen Hoffer, PMP 

• Melissa Merchant, PMP 

• Miriam Isaac, PMP 

• Nancy Mwaura, PMP

• Terri Kimball, PMP

Director at Finance: 

• Girima Anderson, MBA, LLB, PMP 

President-Elect - 2024 (3-Year Term)

Isiuwa Tanimojo, MBA, MSPM, CAPM

Name: Isiuwa Tanimojo
Company: Wells Fargo Bank
Running for: President-Elect

Isiuwa Tanimojo works as an internal Auditor with a major financial institution. With over 17 years’ experience in financial services and Auditing (government, control engagement and project audit) I have had the privilege of working with others, managing, and leading teams in multiple industries and different sized organizations. Given the opportunity, I would like to serve as a member of the Board in the role of ‘President Elect’ PMI Minnesota Chapter. 

As an active PMI MN volunteer, I am currently serving as a Board Member at the Director at Large position. Part of my responsibilities include serving as part of the chapters decision-making body, liaison between the board and operating committee, facilitate chapters events such as the first organized “Project Management Student Conference” etc. Prior to my Board Membership, I was a member of the Volunteer Service team where I worked actively with others to organize events including the 2022 Annual President’s Gala. I also attended chapter meetings and other activities organized by the chapter. My involvement has helped improve my project management skills, increase my work experience, and promote my network. 

My vision for this role is to ensure smooth running of the chapter by creating conducive environment that will promote membership engagement towards achieving chapter’s objectives and gain global recognition. I hope to achieve this by promoting events that are focus on developing the interest of members in chapter activities and promoting member engagement. The goal is to enable each member find value in being members and benefit from networking, experience sharing and idea development. 

My approach to leadership is focus on promoting engagement and involvement. 

  1. Encourage open communication between the leadership team and chapter members. 

  1. Support activities that are focused on promoting member involvement and engagement. 

  1. Promote existing programs and develop ideas for enhancement. 

  1. Facilitate leadership involvement in chapter’s activities. 


Director at Large (2-Year Term) 3 positions open

Kathleen Hoffer, PMP

Name: Kathleen Hoffer
Company: Cybertrol Engineering  
Running for: Director at Large

My 30 year career in project management related fields, combined with my lifelong passion for community engagement, equips me with a wealth of experience and qualifications that make me well suited for this role.  I’ve been involved in many volunteer organizations.  My involvement with PMI-MN has been particularly fulfilling.  It’s a rare group of individuals with a unique mixture of dedication and exceptional care and concern for others. 

My vision for the position

Priority #1 would be to foster collaboration among the committees within PMI-MN.  Recognizing that partnering and synergizing with fellow volunteers unlock immense value, I am committed to driving innovation to fulfill the chapter’s mission and objectives.  As the Outreach Chair, I have already witnessed the positive outcomes achieved by embracing my team’s skillsets and backgrounds.   

My approach to leadership

My personal approach to leadership is making sure that it is inclusive, empowering and nurtures the growth of other leaders.  Listening to different perspectives and leading by example are central to my leadership philosophy.  My ability to discern individual strengths and support team members when and where they need it most has yielded tremendous results in the past.  I aim to create an environment where individuals can flourish while working collectively towards a shared vision. 


Melissa Merchant, PMP

Name: Melissa Merchant
Company: Project Consulting Group 
Running for: Director at Large

I am a Project Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience driving results in various organizations working from the front line to the C-suite.  I also have a long history of volunteerism and community building within various nonprofit organizations, and I am excited to bring passion, energy, and drive to PMI MN!  I am currently the manager of the Mentorship Program and have truly enjoyed getting to know people and helping members connect to each other through this, and through in-person events.  I look forward to being a resource for ALL our PMI MN members. 

My vision for this position is to bring excitement and connections to everything we do.  PMI MN is such an amazing resource for professionals!  My goal is for us to continue to expand and improve the value we deliver, and at the same time to build a fun and rewarding community we all are excited to be a part of! 

My approach to leadership is one of teamwork.  The purpose of a leader is to set a positive tone, support others, remove roadblocks, help people to grow, and ensure their success.   


Miriam Isaac, MBA, MPA, PMP

Name: Miriam Isaac
Company: OneOme  
Running for: Director at Large

Senior Program Manager with 13 years of experience in project and program management and process improvement in information technology and healthcare. Excited to continue learning and serving PMI-MN volunteers and members. 

 As the Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee from 2019 to 2021, I worked with every PMI-MN committee to promote events and activities and volunteered with PDD. As the current Chair of the DE&I Committee, I engage diverse speakers, helped plan and moderate our diversity panel, and have additional DE&I events planned this year. I have learned and grown both professionally and personally as a PMI-MN leader and volunteer.  

 My vision for this role is to serve our members through programming that engages and educates them, and provides opportunities for career growth in the project management profession. I hope to help the organization grow and adapt to emerging trends impacting the project management industry, so we can be a resource for our members. 

My approach to leadership is to: 

  1. Lead by example and with empathy 

  1. Ensure that my team feels supported at all times 

  1. Provide opportunities for my team to grow and become strong leaders  


Nancy Mwaura, PMP, CSM

Name: Nancy Mwaura
Company: Paadio Consulting
Running for: Director at Large

I am driven by strategic leadership and unwavering success. Skilled at rallying cross-functional teams, I excel in strategic planning, vendor negotiations, and collaborative leadership, consistently achieving project excellence. Analytical insight fuels innovative solutions, while my refined communication fosters robust partnerships. 

As a Project Manager at Paadio Consulting, I steer teams through projects, ensuring procurement readiness. Collaborating with diverse businesses amplifies my approach. My tenure at Intel Corporation reflected strategic prowess, spearheading coordination efforts and facilitating effective communication with multi geographical team members. As an active PMI Minnesota chapter member, continuous learning fuels my growth. My role as a DEI Program Coordinator showcases dedication to inclusivity.  

My qualifications include PMP certificate, Advanced Diploma in Project Planning + Management, Business Administration Diploma, and BSc in Catering + Accommodation Technology. 

My vision for this role is to foster the growth and advancement of the chapter by enhancing Board functions. I am dedicated to ensuring that every chapter member is well served, while maintaining an accessible and approachable atmosphere. I am committed to supporting all members in their professional pursuits and providing valuable guidance to further our collective success.  

My leadership philosophy encompasses active listening, collaborative engagement, firmness, and a foundation of servant leadership. 


Terri Kimball, PMP

Name: Terri Kimbal
Company: Pi Beta Chapter of Chi Omega
Running for: Director at Large

Terri Kimball has 30 years of experience in project management, product support, and technical documentation and training. She has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota and began her career managing astronaut procedures for NASA Space Shuttle missions. She is currently a senior project engineer at MTS Systems, where she manages multi-million-dollar projects for export around the world. Terri has been a member of PMI since 2000 and a continuous volunteer since 2001. She has held several leadership positions for the Minnesota Chapter, including PDD Program Manager, Certification Program Manager, Director of Finance, and President. Terri has been a project management instructor since 2007 and was part of the global team that wrote the fifth edition update to the PMBOK® Guide. She has presented at PMI Leadership conferences, and collegiate and professional development conferences. Terri looks forward to continuing to reconnect with members in person and serve the Minnesota chapter. 


Director of Finance (2-Year Term) 1 position open

Girima Anderson, MBA, LLB, PMP 

Name: Terri Kimbal
Company: ITW-MTS Corp. 
Running for: Director of Finance

I am a Sr. Program Manager at ITW-MTS with 23 years of Finance, Information Technology, Project/Program Management, and Business Development experience. I am experienced in managing and running successful multi-million dollars of high-impact strategic business initiatives.  

Since 2020, I have actively served in multiple capacities on PMI-MN's PDD committee. I have held various roles of increasing responsibility, including Chair of Volunteers, Vice Chair of PDD, and recently the overall Chair of the 2023 PDD. Through my contributions to PDD and its associated accountabilities to the Operations Committee, I have learned a great deal about the PMI-MN Chapter, and I am energized to run for the leadership role of Director of Finance.  I have invested in myself by educating in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Law, and Management and have gained tremendous experiences which I plan to bring into my role as Director of Finance. 

One of my goals of being on the board would be to be a fiduciary for the PDD Finances, as well as other programming.  Additionally, I plan to strategize initiatives that are mutually beneficial for various companies in Minnesota and PMI-MN.  We can help organizations Come, See, and Learn about Project Management, leading them to more success in their strategy execution, while benefiting PMI-MN with financial growth and increased revenue opportunities. 

Just like in my role on the PDD, as a Director, I will influence the team with my servant leadership style.  I will encourage, excite, and empower various teams to provide a collaborative, ethical, and fun environment. This will sustain volunteers and the PMI-MN chapter long term.