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Project Prioritization in the Life Sciences Industry

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions by the number of projects you are on?

Are you constantly being let down by busy team members who don’t seem to have enough time to work on your project’s activities?

This common scenario is not your fault but the fault of your management team who hears of a new project idea and authorizes it without thinking of the long-term effect of having too many simultaneous projects going on. Determining and staffing the right number of important projects is the single biggest bang for the buck that companies can invest in. How can we effectively manage projects when our company has authorized too many? And what can we do about the excess?


  • The symptoms of too many projects authorized in our company
  • How many projects is too many to manage
  • The three questions to ask management to get them to agree to prioritization
  • Who should be involved in project prioritization
  • A five-step approach to prioritize projects
  • The five groups to categorize projects into for easy prioritization
  • The way to answer the inevitable question of “Why not prioritize projects using Excel?”
  • How to balance long-term and short-term projects
  • How to re-prioritize on a monthly basis
  • How to gather the Supply side of the resource loading equation
  • How to gather the Demand side of the resource loading equation
  • How to staff the correct number of projects and draw the line
  • How to refine the Demand side for the top projects

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About the speaker

Bruce Fieggen, PMP is a certified Project Management Professional since 1999. In over thirty years within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, he has managed projects from $100k validations to $10 million new product developments.

He conducts on-site Project Management Assessments and develops customized solutions to improve clients’ Project Management maturity, conducting training, setting up PMOs and creating PM Guidebooks. He has trained and mentored thousands of project managers and helped hundreds achieve their certification within his PMP Boot Camps.

Bruce has planned hundreds of projects in the Life Sciences industry using an efficient rapid project start-up methodology. He has conducted numerous Project and Portfolio Prioritization sessions to ensure that the organizations are running the right number of high priority projects given the number of resources at their disposal.

Bruce is currently President of Round Table Project Management, a consulting firm servicing the Medical Device, Biopharma and Pharmaceutical industries.

When: 16 February - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Central)

Cost – Free to PMI MN members

PDU - 1.00 Business Acumen

A Zoom meeting invite will be sent once you register for this event